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August 29, 2010 1 comment

If anyone is in need of a small boost in energy, I have emptied one of Adrian’s obstacle courses, and left a couple cokes at the end, in an ice cube. There are a few traps along the way, which I shall list for convinience.

-A swinging blade: Disable with lever on wall.

-A Pitfall: Look for the odd block out right after the swinging blade.

-Five rope traps: Step around the yellow blocks

-Sixteen dart throwers, a fireball thrower, and an automatic crossbow: Bring a partner and waltz through it. You have no idea how strange it is waltzing with your own illusory self, and it’s a waste of a good Mirror Image scroll.

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Theme change!

August 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Changed the blog theme for two reasons: one, it was impossible to find the site admin/login button on the old theme, and two, it looks cooler. Doesn’t it?

Ah, so…about me…

I’m doing well. The…experience…with Kuroneko-chan was a little traumatic, I admit. I don’t like to talk about the specifics of what happened that day, but if it ever happens again, contact Valerie-chan or Akai-chan immediately. As much as I hate to admit it (and I do hate to admit it), the two times that happened it was one of them who helped me.

It’s weird; if I’d had a soul my entire life, I’d act the same way that I did before. But the only reason I act differently now is that I can tell a distinctive feeling there that wasn’t before. I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Valerie-chan, however, is now my main source for asking “what’s this, what’s that” in regards to emotions; she’s really good, and she doesn’t even have to use her empathy~ I think she should start a counseling service. She’ll make a lot of money, I’m sure! And money’s always good. Nothing wrong with more cash.

I could use some more cash…

It’s so good to have Adrian-kun back though. And I noticed he easily re-set up his traps, so Tyler-kun is now suffering from new obstacles. Adrian-kun also showed me a new manga (which I’m now reading), and he’s always willing to help with emotion-related stuff…He’s been kinda weird around me about one thing though – he asked me what those numbers I wrote on the wall meant. I don’t know what they were. In fact I didn’t even know I wrote numbers on the wall…

He went to go look something up recently, he’s still looking it up now (apparently that number is the first of a long series of scavenger-hunt steps or something like that) and he says it has something to do with him. I don’t know, but he says it’ll take him a few days. Whatever it is…

Also, I’ve been feeling something weird lately during certain times (I’m trying to find a link between those times of the day). I asked Valerie-chan about it and she just smiled and said I’ll find it myself. Excuuuse me, Valerie-chan, but I’m not getting the hint…

Well, I’ll post back again. I’m having so much fu~n~


P.S: I finally found my Elfen Lied postcard under a table, but then I collapsed (and that whole “incident” started). When I looked back again, it was gone. I know someone took it this time.  WHO DID IT?

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August 27, 2010 1 comment

Rhia’s last post pretty much sums up everyone’s elation at Adrian’s revival. After hearing the news I may or may not have gleefully tackled Karissa…out the door, into a patrol of LPGB (they just had to be lead by General Idea, too).

Thankfully we survived the ensuing battle as soon as one of the foot soldiers relayed from another part of the Library that Jared was “compromised” (note to self: ask him exactly what happened, because to me “compromised” implies…never mind).

Then I went off to find Pete too, like Rhia did with Cristoph. Something about Adrian’s return to Tash is simply romantic at the most basic level, and even those involved in platonic relationships sought friends out all over the Library today, I’m sure.

I only wonder how Aster and the others found out about Adrian before Phoenixia? I’ve never seen the normally so-knowledgeable woman look so…not composed. She was so cute! Not that I swing that way, of course. Oh gods.

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Back in Black!!!

Or something to that extent. I’m so hyper I can barely sit here and type.

So. The good news. ADRIAN IS ALIVE!!! Forget back, he’s ALIVE!!!! He’s back too, and walking around like he almost never left, but methinks the ‘alive’ part of this deal is more important. Whatever Power that Be made it so Adrian could come back to us, we (The Society) owe you one. Big time.

Here’s how it happened. You know that wave of something I felt in my last post?? I tried looking for it, and got nowhere. Then Aster comes flying in like someone gave that girl an expresso and then a Monster energy drink, and topped it all off with Tash’s British chocolate. Seriously, I have never seen that fae move so fast in the air or turn such tight corners without crashing. So, anyways, Aster is firmly declaring Adrian is back, even though we all know he’s dead and normally the dead don’t come back. (Nevermind that I can site multiple fandoms where this law gets snapped.) There were a couple other people already following Aster, mainly Jess, Kyle, Tyler, and Karissa. We, sadly, were humoring Aster, nothing she would’ve showed us would’ve been bad, maybe a bit sad, but nothing too nasty. She never accepted the fact that Adrian was dead. So we follow her for quite a ways and get deeper and deeper into the Library. And then Aster speeds up even more–after you would think she couldn’t go any faster– towards Michael and Kuroneko and Val and Tash and Adrian and—–

HOLY F$%&** ADRIAN!!!!

Both sides stopped in their tracks…and then someone said “oh, shit.” It might’ve been Adrian, I don’t quiiiite remember, because then we just all started running at him at once, and subsequently Tash because she was latched onto him and then there was lots and lots of running and glomping and I think we fell over because I have a few new unexplained bruises…….Soooo after that and everyone untangled themselves from each other and just kinda looked at Adrian not quite believing he was back.

“It’s not another Death, is it?” I think this was Tyler. And he promptly got Gibbs smacked for it.

After this little moment of revelation happened, I don’t know what the other agents did, but I ran full pelt back into the Library, a silly grin on my face towards Cristoph’s room. I have no idea how I tripped over my feet, did a somersault into his room and landed on my bum with my legs spread out in front of me, still with that grin on my face. I must of looked like I was on something.

“Adrian’s back!!”


“He’s back he’s back he’s BACK!!!”

And then kinda half scrambled half dashed outta that room into the hall, knocking on doors yelling that Adrian was back. Between me, Aster, and Phoenixia once she found out, the whole Society knew within 15 minutes.

I think Adrian got glomped again a grand total of 5 times. I pity his ribs.

After that Tash and Adrian sequestered themselves into her room for some “Alone time.” They’re still in there. Could be for a couple days. Would not be surprised. I’ll just sit here and whistle innocently…, wait….there’s a Cristoph I could go hug and cuddle with. ‘Scuse me!!!
P.S. Adrian, when you read this, yes Cristoph and I have gotten together…you’ve missed a lot and the mission reports won’t fill you in on all of it. There will be lots of nights spent talking, I can feel it. Right, gotta break out the snack food….

Now, to go hug a Cristoph…..


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Due to a nasty accident involving a new wood glue formula (Hey, the LPGB are not the only ones who might need a quick way to escape from Shirley, as Dave and Ben would testify) I have accidentally glued myself to the ceiling, to make matters worse my mouth has been glued shut, meaning my iPod is now my only method of communication, if anybody reads this please come get me, and bring glue solvent.


Holy crap Adrian just walked beneath me, I tried to call to him but it was rather hard around a mouthful of glue, oh well. Maybe he’ll read this and come and get me down.

P.S. I am considering selling my wood glue, but as of right now it is far too powerful. I really need to tweak my formula a bit.


August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, I went through one of Adrian’s obstacle courses. Not for chocolate, seeing as he was cleaned out a long time ago, but just to keep myself sharp. About halfway through, I got caught in a rope trap. I was hanging there, suspended by an ankle, trying to free myself….

Then Adrian walked in.

He gave me dusting duty for a week, so I had to drop a fish on him…BUT HE’S BACK! Maybe things will start getting back to normal now? I hope so.

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August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

So…I found out why Adrian’s Energy Tag had returned…I’m not sure who was more surprised, me seeing Adrian alive after so long…or Adrian and Tash when I walked in on them doing…stuff.  When my brain restarted after the shock, I mere said, “Well, that explains why his energy tag is back.”  After that, I turned on my heels and walked off.  Umm, yeah…I, think I’m going to go back to my room and crank my music to its highest point.

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