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Its British Time

The one thing that has always annoyed me about living in the Library, is that everyone goes to bed at different times. So you always wake up and find that you’ve missed something important. Sometimes I really wish everyone would just stick to GMT and have done with it. At least in the UK you always know what the time is, unlike America, where it can be just about anything.

So I go to bed last night, wake up, and find that while I was sleeping, the agents who were still awake decided to set up a blog for us. Why is it that the Librarian and Society leader is always the last to know about these things? Maybe in the future I should have Phoenixia wake me whenever something like this happens.

…actually, that’s a very bad idea. I remember what she did last time…

Well lets see…parole has been sorted for the day, and I only got spat at once. But Roxelana kept staring at me, without blinking the whole time I was down in the basement. Even when I threatened to jam a paintbrush in her eyes she just giggled at me. Even the other Sues are scared of her, and that’s saying something. I need to rewrite the basement duty schedule so that Rhia can skip it for the next few months. Its dark down there, and I’m not putting her anywhere near that bitch of a Sue. Might put Tyler down there. He tried to eat the badges off my hat, and I’m still pissed at him.

I’ve snapped at a few of the male agents over this last week. PMSing I believe. I’m not the only one though. It seems most of the girls here have synced up after living together for so long. I’m amazed the boy’s haven’t learned to register the signs yet, and started barricading themselves into one room for a week until the crisis is over.

Whoever set that explosion off, they’ve just ruptured the water pipe above my ceiling, and soaked my cosplay.

Wonder if Hati will loan me her cricket bat…

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