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Joining In

Four posts on a blog in one day might be a little unusual, but what the heck. Charis and I have nothing better to do anyways, so we’ll just continue with this brief entry and see where it goes.

Today…I can’t remember what I did today. [edit: we wished Ben Happy Birthday, for one thing. – Charis] It seems that the past few months have flown by without my notice. I’ve rarely ventured out of the Library at all lately, but I haven’t been doing anything in particular either. Simply hanging out with the Society members has been my favourite past-time recently. I keep nagging Michael about getting me another mission, but I have the feeling that my Author has intervened with him on that regard. She must have something planned but it’s taking an awful long time.

I don’t mind.

I’ve been on great terms with Ben and Lily, Jared and Chloe; and I was so relieved when Rhia came back to us safely. The newer members – Tom for one, I suppose – provide some new entertainment about the Library daily and – if I’m not allowed out yet – at least there’s always someone else’s mission that I can look in on. Rhia and Christoph went on a D-A-T-E the other day!!! Tash kicked us all out of the monitor room before anything too interesting could be shown – there was kissing though! – but the two of them looked pretty content when I sneaked a peek at them re-entering the Library through a Plothole. Rhia’s been in a good mood. She’s been taking requests from all corners in regards to what food should be cooked at the meals – and at snack times – so I’m planning to ask her for shrimp ceviche tomorrow. [edit: but I know how to make that too! don’t you like mine? – Charis]

I guess that’s all from me for this day. [edit: goodnight everyone! – Charis]

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