So, yeah, a new Society blog. Woot!!

Aster, thanks for the admin rights!!

Things have been a lot better ever since….that…and coming back. I swear that Tash has been hugging me almost every five minutes for the last couple days. If she keeps on hugging me—huge, rib squeezing hugs–my sides are going to be black and blue!
I’ve also gotten a lot more requests for specific meals. That’s fine with me, some of them have been a real challenge. I never knew salmon with parmesan cheese on top could taste so good. And salmon isn’t my favorite fish. At all. I like mahi-mahi or shark better. Grilled mahi-mahi? Mmmmm….
Note to self: The sourdough bread’s almost done rising–get it in the oven tomorrow…

For everyone who’s left a request: I will get to it eventually! I’ve gotten so many they’re building up into one heck of a list. I am getting there, just give me some time!

Lemme see….It was Ben’s birthday today…I made him a small cake and teased the heck outta him…then again, he got to do the same thing to me a few days ago. 19 is not old!! I do not need dentures!! Or a cane!

One good thing that came out of all of this. I got to redecorate my kitchen. Willie was nice enough to get me a new stove (thanks Willie!!) and I got to change the design on the floor. It’s a brick design, but it’s laminate so it’s easy to clean. I had fun with that.

I consistently see Cristoph out of the corner of my eye, but whenever I turn to look nothing’s there. That’s the ninja for you. He’s being all protective and stuff….I don’t mind it that much. I also wouldn’t mind it if he just came in to say hello every now and then. I’m not anti-social, I’m just picky about who comes into my kitchen. Though, I guess I could make more appearances in other places…get out more? It’s been a while since I’ve done any training…and I’ve got those new knives that Cristoph got me….yeah, I could go for a little training….

As to Cristoph specifically–Imma just gonna melt into a little puddle of fluffy goo. Still trying to get the idea through my head that, “oh, hey, I have a boyfriend, and one that’s actually really serious about things.” It’s one heck of a feeling. I’m, kinda, on cloud nine here…and I don’t think I’ll be coming down any time soon….Wheeeee!

Oh, to anyone who’s snuck up on me in the last couple days–sorry!!! It seems I don’t take surprises well anymore.  Make sure you announce your presence! Especially if I’m concentrating on you or I’m likely to punch you.

Ice packs make the swelling go down until you can get to Valerie. I am so sorry!
Ok, I’m going to end my first post here. It’s late, and I have quite a bit of cleaning up to do. Baking tends to leave a lot of dirty dishes. I hate cleaning baked on dough….

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