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After the Battle

*Is eating some Pocky* Well that was an interesting fight…I didn’t approve of Leonard interfering though.  After his surprise attack on a small group of the LPGB injured some of them, I walked over an punted him across the room.   Thinking about it, I believe that was the trigger that got me caught up in that little war.  Even my Omni-weapon had some trouble cutting Shirley…what kind of wood is she made out of?  Well, she retreated eventually and then the LPGB gathered up the wounded and got them out of there.

You know, for being so little, they can do a lot…Maybe I’ll ask Jared if he’ll make some mini-troops for me.  *Winces* I not sure which hurts more…the scrapes I got from Shirley or what it’d cost me to get those mini-troops…I know just what I’d name them…the Little Plastic Tactics Squad!  *Hears roar off in the distance*  Aw heck no!  *Activates Accelerator and gets out of there just as Shirley breaks in.*

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