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Bath/shower/thief king thief

PHOENIXIA! You owe me Lush products! And you owe me them now! I want my Happy Hippy back, or a replacement bottle on my shelf by the end of the day! Same goes for my American Cream, and Daddy-O. You may keep the Flying Fox. It suits you better. But I want the rest back or replaced!

Okay…deep cleansing breaths…

I wonder if Rhia-chan has any of her heavenly potato soup left…


Mmm…that woman is a saint…

The reason for my mood (aside from being without shampoo, shower gel and conditioner) is that someone has nicked my Thief King Bakura plushie. I have no clue who has nicked him, but I know he’s been nicked, because I definitely left him in my room on top of my bed, next to Magic Cuddle Kitty. And now he’s gone. I would suspect Aster, but I know she isn’t that much a fan of the series. Next suspect was Marcus, but I know he prefers good Bakura over evil Bakura, so that doesn’t make sense either.

Whoever’s got him, please return him? I miss him.

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  1. August 12, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    A missing plushie? That’s a crime for a plushie to go missing like that…Okay! I’m on this case! I will help you find it!

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