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I’m so glad the blog is expanding. So many people helping out now! I wasn’t happy with the LPGB making a post though. This blog is humans-only.

…Okay, so I’m not human. But I’m kinda human. Uh yeah.

The post is still technically on this blog, I just made it private. I stole Jared-kun’s favorite pen. If he doesn’t come here and post in two days, I’m gonna delete that post. Then I’m gonna force him to write a post. And throw away the pen.

…I sound like Akai-chan now…

Today during anime classes, Tyler-kun skimped off again. He fell asleep! I hit him with the meter stick though;  square in the face. Oh yeah guys, next week we’re doing Bakemonogatari.

After that, I played through Gyakuten Saiban 2 again. Man, that game gives me memories~! It’s so nice. Although I’m not very smart with logic and stuff like that…Akai-chan had to help me. That took a good deal of hours. After that I finally got to watch the Black★Rock Shooter OVA again…eh, it was all right. I don’t really recognize the character…I think I like the song better.

Oh, and my Elfen Lied postcard. Akai tried to give it back to me, but when she looked through her bag she found it disappeared. At first I thought she just wanted something to blackmail me with but as it turned out she was apologizing a lot and being really frank about it so I think she actually lost it. But where did it go…? Has anyone seen it?

Going to have some dinner. Rhia-chan made it sound like she was cooking something special tonight~!


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