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Odd things have been happening around the Library lately…

Aster’s Elfen Lied postcard going missing, Tash’s Bakura plushie has pulled a disappearing act, (but knowing the Library something could have given it temporary animation and he ran away…no, there’d be reports of knife injuries if that happened.) also, Tash’s shower products have gone poof. I would not be surprised if someone nabbed them. They do smell good. ^^’.
Charis is missing some delicate machinery and materials, as well.

Admittedly, some people have fessed up to the missing items, but not all of them have been accounted for or admitted to. Something’s up. And in more ways than one. It’s struck me more than once that the Library Arcanium is a lot like the TARDIS is in the Doctor Who fandom. Both are bigger than they seem to be, the hallways rearrange themselves, and there’s some sort of intelligence overall. There’s a reason for the TARDIS’s sentience, but not so much the Library. Perhaps it’s because of Phoenixia integrating herself with the security system so long that a bit has rubbed off, with a combination of the ambient magic around…but I think it’s a bit more than that.

I noticed a background noise maker installed on one wall of my room a couple of nights ago. It keeps the room from getting completely silent without being annoying, and it comes with a dim light. It helps things a lot and I can sleep better. I’ve asked around, and no one admits to installing it.
So, if the Library does have some sort of sentience, I want to say, thank you.

Another little thing I’ve noticed. Things are getting tense in the Library…not so much in a bad way, but people have been checking their watches more often, and calendars, like they’re waiting for something.  Like something’s supposed to happen soon. Massive, group anticipation. It’s a little unnerving. Even I’m affected by it…and of course when I think some sort of big event is going to happen I head for my cookbooks. For some odd reason I’ve been looking at my old bread recipes….And I haven’t looked at those since the Invasion. Oh well. Whatever it is will come in due time…And everyone else is stuck with me making more bread than usual…Hope you like bread, guys. Up next is spinach and zucchini bread.

On a couple of lighter notes….

  1. Tash, should I just keep a pot of potato soup constantly going?
  2. Jared, I’ll be getting to your chicken wings tomorrow, please send whoever you’re sending to help over around noon American east coast time?
  3. I found a new type of spicy pepper, called a picanto. It’s about the size of a pea, can range from red to orange in color, and has the force of a tactical nuke behind it. I was in physical pain for about 20 minutes after chewing it. I didn’t even swallow the thing. AND I had whole milk and cheddar cheese to temper the heat.  Didn’t help much. I’ll be giving Cristoph a couple handfuls of these soon, as he shouldn’t need too many, they outrank habeñeros by quite a lot. I can handle habeñeros…Imma just gonna put these peppers on the “Should be illegal in some countries” list.
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