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Reading the posts on this blog – as well as writing for it – I can see that a lot of things in the Library have gone missing lately. True, Akai admits to stealing from Aster, and Aster admits to stealing from Jared, and Phoenixia stole some Lush products from Tash…but what about Tash’s still-missing plushie? And I have had several delicate materials vanish from inside my lab as well.

You know what, I suspect the LPGB of stealing things around the building for their own devious means.

But you know what else? After that prank they pulled on me today (the word “prank” is putting it mildly) I’ll admit that I’m majorly biased against those little green plastic soldiers. In the interest of fairness and justice I won’t spread my opinion anywhere beyond this blog – although someday soon I’m sure I’d sorely like to.

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