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Downtime boredom

Should I consider it a bad thing that I’m asleep like half the time as I wait for my Author to finish his current Society story (Fourth wall rumbles some ways away)?  *Yawns* Either way, I’m bored out of my skull.  The occasional battle between Shirley and the LPGB is pretty much the only excitement that’s been catching my attention.  I’ve heard of the thefts, but as far as I’m concerned, they have nothing to do with me.  No, I’m not worried that something of mine will be stolen because I keep just about everything I have in my Astral Vault when not needed and to take something from there requires my permission.

Well, since I have nothing to do, maybe I’ll go find someone and ask them if they have something I can do for them…If they expect me to do then a favor for free because of this, I’ll either just leave or see what they’ll do in exchange.

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