I don’t seem to understand where all this stuff seems to be vanishing off to? After hearing Charis’ comments about stolen implements I have doubled the amount of LPGB personnel stationed in my lab. Personally I don’t suspect my the LPGB are responsible because there is virtually no raw material they could steal from Charis’ lab that they wouldn’t have access to in my own lab or the general access storage lockers.

On another, private note to Charis regarding the latest LPGB incident: You didn’t hear this from me but a high frequency sonic generator, or a reasonably large dog whistle placed in your lab will cause serious, if not catastrophic vision problems for the LPGB making them combat ineffective. Again, you did not hear this from me…

  1. dr0tom
    August 13, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Curiously, I have both.

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