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What was that…?

I got up about three hours ago. I swear, I’m getting lazier. I used to wake up at six in the morning…now I got up and I checked my clock and it was 12 PM…I honestly don’t remember sleeping that much.

Maybe it’s because so many of the agents are American or British that it’s hard for me to stay stuck to my time? I know I’ve been stubbornly insisting that I sleep on Japanese time, even though I’ve already been here for a year and it would be near impossible to maintain it. I suppose I’m just bad at adjusting. If I had to go through jet lag, I’d be horrible…

Anyway, the weirdest thing happened today.

I was making some food for myself and I was in the middle of something (since Rhia-chan is getting some rest), and then I swear there was someone behind me. I turned around and there was nobody. I thought it was Cristoph-kun, but then I remembered he was talking to Rhia-chan. So I didn’t really want to think about it…

So I kept making the food (which, by the way, was a little bit of fish with some egg and natto). And then I swear there was someone behind me again. I turned around and I swear there was someone running away. I didn’t see because the person was running so fast, but I saw something.

Cat ears.

I know they were cat ears. I know what dog ears are (from hanging out with Chrys-chan all the time), and those were cat ears. Didn’t get to see what color they were though.

It can’t be Adrian-kun; he’s dead. So who has cat ears…?

The only other person I can think of would be Kuroneko. So I want to know what Kuroneko wants with me. What she wants in the Library at all, actually. I hate her. Her and Aramayis. They’re constantly around meddling. They are not needed. As long as we have Tash-san and Michael-kun and all of them, we don’t need the Counter Guardians.

I’ve been thinking about this for the past three hours, and…

I want them to leave. I want them to get out.

And I don’t want Kuroneko watching me. So I want you guys to hear this and know: Kuroneko. Aramayis. Get. Out.


P.S.: I know this is kind of weird for me to write when I just wrote something really dark and mad, but I saw something blue and something pink squished between two boxes in the main room. I didn’t stop to take a look at it, but about an hour later, I thought it might be Tash-san’s Bakura plushie and my Elfen Lied postcard. I went back, but it was gone…

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