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Finally got up earlier

Got up at about 8:00 this morning. Maybe I will get back on Japan time.

Tom-kun, I found your tooth, but I couldn’t find you, so if you want it, it’s next to my August issue of Young Ace in my room (the desk next to my bed).

We ran out of salt, by the way. I think Rhia-chan used all of it last night, so we need to find some more in the Library somewhere. Great, another weekly hunt…

I’m assigned to basement duty, so I have to go. I wish I could just go down there and kill all of them and be done with it, but Tash-san won’t let me.


P.S.: This is getting ridiculous. I saw my Elfen Lied postcard. On the bulletin board. And I went up to the bulletin board and it was a mirror image of the postcard on a postcard…what the heck? And where is my real postcard?

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