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Typos. WARNING!!1!!

Ssomething that has popped up lately in a lot of things.

I hate typos.And I think they’re becoming an actual thing, and not just a word for a mistake en typing. There are a couple surrponding me at the moment as I type, hense the mistakes. just a warning for all the Society agents out there!!

They look like well written strings of type, but as you read them, you can see all the basic mistakes, and they become attached to you, like tape, or fly paper. And they havea  hard time coming off. Haven’t tried fangirl-strength disinfectant yet. Anyone seen Emily? Dictionaries keep them at a short distance away from you, like repellant.

Watch out for these new irritants in the Library. I’m not sure what created them, but they’re floating around the Library!! Bewar!!1!!

And I betcha this thing is full of typos….I swear it isn’t my fault.

Categories: Rhiannon-Society Chef
  1. gv-ge-yu-i
    August 14, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    God, reading this actually makes me wince. How pathetic is that?!

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