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How dare they…

So I was walking outside of my room today and I saw Tash-san and Saitou Hajime fighting.

Admittedly, I like Rurouni Kenshin, and I’m willing to accept Saitou”s existence in the Library, but the way they were fighting…ugh…It was over a really stupid matter; Tash-san went to a con in real-life and missed out on time in the Library.

I mean, I love cons. I couldn’t go to Comiket this year (but it didn’t matter since all of the relevant doujin are in the Library anyway), but I did go to TAF 2010 and it was awesome. (I don’t get to go to cons very often since I have to save all of my money to go to specific ones and to cosplay properly.) It’s a pretty rare, interesting chance, and I think the Library is well-protected enough to go without Tash-san for a while. It was only a few days, too; it wasn’t like she was out for two years.

But Saitou had to fight with her.

I can’t let him make Tash-san cry!

He kept going on about how Adrian-kun entrusted this job to her and all and I don’t know why Tash-san reacted so particularly badly (since she’d gotten over it already and mentioning his name usually didn’t spike this much of a reaction). So unless something recent about Adrian-kun’s death has happened, I don’t know exactly why it got this bad. But it did, and he should have noticed something was especially wrong because he kept being insensitive and going on about it.

We’d be much happier if the Counter Guardians left us alone and stopped nagging us…


P.S.: I was thinking of a consolation present for Tash-san, but the only thing I could think of was my Elfen Lied postcard – but I can’t find it! My luck is horrible…

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