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I need to get my own email address. Right now I’m stealing Tash’s university account, but that won’t be active after September. Better change it fast. And I know some of you are probably wondering about the name, but Smith was already used.

So I ran around the Library trying to find someone to talk to – anyone really. I had something I needed to talk about. But everyone is busy. Its depressing.

First I went to find Phoenixia, because I was close to the Zord hanger, and didn’t want to walk too far. But she wasn’t there. I went round the whole Library for half an hour. Then I went past Jess’s room and heard them both…occupied. Not sure who with…

Anyway. I ran back to the Leader’s office, to try and find Hati. But she’d already left back to real life. Then I went to find Lily, because I thought she’d understand. But I forgot to knock before I went into the room…turns out they were also occupied.

That was more of them than I ever needed to see…

So then I went to find Tash, because…well…she isn’t likely to be having sex, is she? Aster told me that she and Saito had a fight. Not a fight with punches, I mean a screaming match. Apparently Saito thinks she was irresponsible to go back to real life for a long weekend just for an anime convention…or something like that. I didn’t get much of it. Aster was more interested in insulting the Counter Guardians then giving me details. But she did tell me that Tash had locked herself in her room. If anyone is going near Tash’s room tonight, can you check on her? Aster said she could hear crying. I tried to check on her, but she just told me to go away.

So then I went to find Claire, because Claire is lovely and she always listens to me…and Michael gives me cookies. Anyway, I went to their room…yeah you guessed it. They’re occupied too. I did see Combee however. She tried to eat my hair. She said I smelt of strawberries. I gave her a cuddle, and that made me feel a bit better. She’s so sweet. I think she’s the reason I got a cavity last week…

The only other person I could think of was Valerie…but Danielle told me that she had gone somewhere with Kuroneko, and didn’t know when she’d be back. So I’m here, posting instead.

By the way, if anyone sees my acrylic box, can you let me know? I think I left it somewhere near the suffragette section.

I suppose I should explain why I’m so upset. Harriet called me to her office a few hours ago. She told me that because I’m eleven now, and since she’s brought my English and maths and stuff up to scratch, I should go to secondary school in September. Proper school, as she called it. She says it’ll be good for me. I need to meet people my own age, and learn how to behave around them normally. She’s already found a school. Its in some fandom that I don’t remember (the storyline takes place at another school though, so I shouldn’t be affected by it).

Its not fair. I like the teaching she gives me. I don’t have to worry about much. And I get more time to mess around in the Library. And I’ve heard what some of the other agents say about their schools. They’re not nice places. I don’t know if I want to go there if people are going to be horrible. I’ve never been to school before. I don’t know what to do, and I’m worried everyone will laugh at me.

I told Harriet this, and she just said “everyone feels like that when they go to secondary school. But they’re all new too”. I asked what was wrong with the teaching I got here, and she said nothing, but there were some things that homeschooling doesn’t teach you – like how to interact with people your own age. There’s nothing wrong with the way I behave around people. I hang around with people in the Library all the time. I know how to act.

I don’t understand it. I don’t understand any of it. It feels like I’m being pushed away. And I hate it. It sucks.

If anyone wants me I’ll be in the Manta.

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  1. Rhiannon-Society Chef
    August 17, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Emily, you’re welcome to stop by and talk to me should you need it. Going into public schooling will certainly be….different. Feel free to drop by.

  2. August 17, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Nobody laughs at new kids, they’re usually really nice and welcoming. Harriet-san is probably only putting you there because certain types of education require large masses of people to be around. Then again…I never learned anything because I never studied…

  3. dancingphoenix
    August 17, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    *hugs Emily* I’m sorry sweetheart. I’ll give you a copy of my key in the future. And don’t worry about waking me up. I should have told you I’d reset the alarm system on the Manta.

    I know Harriet is insistent, but she’s just worried about you. Try and talk to Lily if you can…y’know, once she and Ben stop being ‘occupied’. She should be able to give you some advice on being at school. I’m probably not the best person to ask. I’m rather bias when it comes to school…

    None of us are trying to get rid of you sweetheart. We just don’t want you to feel that you missed out on anything in life. And it might be good for you to have some friends who aren’t years older than you. We’re probably a little bias too. The last home schooled kid we knew was Blake, and we all know how socially inept he was. We just don’t want that to happen to you.

    School will be fine for you. I’m sure of it. And we’re all here to support you every step of the way.

  4. k/c
    August 18, 2010 at 1:05 am

    According to all I’ve heard from my Author, secondary school won’t be so bad Emily. You’ll make friends and have fun, and I’m really sure the schoolwork won’t be too much for you…you’re a smart girl.

    At least Harriet can’t force you to attend post-secondary school if you don’t want to. You’ll have a choice then.

    – Charis

  5. dr0tom
    August 19, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    As someone who has been home schooled most of his life, I feel for you. Usually I’d say there are other ways to get social interaction but… we live in library floating in transdimensional space.

    You’ll thank Hati for it latter.

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