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What’s next?

So, I’ve been going around the Library trying to find a cure for my boredom that didn’t involve sitting down and just ignoring the world.  That pretty much cut out more than half my usual downtime activities of reading and playing my games.  Now, I suppose I wouldn’t mind if someone were sit down and play a few games with me, but the only times people have passed by me while I was playing, they always had something else to do.  Not to complain or anything, but I haven’t even gotten anyone to duel me since I started on his blog.

Ugh…anyway, I’ve noticed a lot more battles between Shirley and the LPGB.  As far as I’ve seen, not only are they happening more frequently, but they are also scaling up the intensity.  Then again, maybe the intensity comes from the fact that they have been consistently getting me involved.  Honestly, if I have to fight Shirley one more time because the LPGB somehow get her to attack me while they’re attacking her, I’ll use THE END on the lot of them…Of course, that would tick a lot of other members of the Society off as a lot of the battle locations are in places where THE END would cause a lot of collateral damage…I just remembered, I haven’t asked Jared about making my Little Plastic Tactics Squad.  Be right back.  I’m going to find him.

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  1. Tyler
    August 18, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Kyle, if I could find you, I’d duel you.

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