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I’ll never cease to be surprised…

I managed to beat a confession out of Jared today (not literally of course) about why the LPGB have been acting more and more out of line recently. What I uncovered: apparently he developed them on a Vista machine…

It took considerably more poking and prodding to continue, but apparently Jared had a lapse in judgment stating: ‘It was the latest technology at the time, how was I supposed to know it was going to be a totally incompatible with all my old devkit plugins!’

The moral of this story is: wait until they fix the bugs before buying a new operating system… and when developing something that has the potential to get up and go after someone with a machine gun it might be best to have a debugging team…

Hopefully the new program Jared and  I (and possibly Charis if we can convince her to join the cause) are working on will help. In the meantime Jared has issued a general armistice, which will bring at least temporary peace.


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