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“Wake Me Up When September Ends…”

“Summer has come and past,
the innocent can never last.
Wake me up when September ends.
Ring out the bells again,
like we did when Spring began.
Wake me up, when September ends…..”

I guess I’m feeling a little melancholy. Summer’s nearly over, and heck, a couple agents have already started school in RL. Emily’s heading off to school as well, and I’m starting my second year in college.  Can’t spend days in the Library anymore, I guess, classes to attend and such.

It’s during moments like these I wonder where the heck summer went. I mean, wasn’t it just June? So much happened that time grew wings and found a jet pack. Admittedly, not all of it was happy, but still, it was summer.

It’s nearly four in the morning for me at the moment, running on American east coast time, you see. Makes things interesting, because Cristoph runs on American west coast time, three hours behind. Hmmm….

I’m gonna take a short walk around, say hello to whatever British agents happen to be awake and then head to bed (Why do you have to be FIVE HOURS AHEAD??). Try and see if I can shake off this melancholy. Maybe I can find a recording of one of Aster’s MANY arguments with the Counter Guardians…that’s always entertaining, if not amusing.

Oh, and I guess I should take a cup of potato soup to Tash. She’s fallen in love with the stuff and it seems to cheer her up. Ever since her argument with Saitou she’s been down, and I don’t want her to get too isolated. Locking yourself in a room is good sometimes, but then there are times you just have to walk up to a person and smack them upside the head with a frying pan. Yes, Saitou, I have one with your name on it, coming riiight up!

Also, if anyone’s looking for a new webcomic, look up xkcd.com. A pretty good read, with mouseover comments. Not for anyone under 15, as there are some racy moments….It’s written by college students….Bit of a archive binge, too.

‘Night, everyone!

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  1. August 20, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    Author-oneechan has been following xkcd for a while now. I don’t get the humor though…

  2. Little Green Army Commander
    August 20, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    My iTouch is full of different XKCDs, it ranks just above Dilbert in my comic strip collection.

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