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That doesn’t –

So I got the 15 bags of rice (thanks Rhia-chan!) and I put them at the location at the proper time for the ransom.

One hour later the bags were still there and my postcard was not.

Two hours later the bags were there and my postcard was not…

So I kept waiting and as it turns out, the robber never returned my postcard or picked up the bags of rice.

After a while I decided it wasn’t worth it and put the bags back…guess we have a lot of brown rice…

Anyway, I’m kinda bored. There’s nothing to do anymore…anime class isn’t until next week and I’ve already read a ton of manga and watched anime and played games, multiple times, with Akai-chan…I even went to go visit Hana, but she’s equally as bored (since she doesn’t exist for much other than voice and nobody, not even onee-chan, is using her voice right now)…

I wish something would happen, like all of those adventures we used to have…Where did those days go…When you need him, where’s Adr

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