It feels really weird.

Harriet took me shopping for my school uniform yesterday. Its very…navy. The jumper is navy with the school logo. The polo shirt is white. We get a choice of navy skirt or trousers. I got trousers. I’d rather eat poison than wear a skirt. My shoes are black. I don’t like them much – they look too flimsy. I’d rather wear my boots. They’ve got steel toes, and they were my birthday present from Phoenixia, but Harriet said they’re too big for school. I’ve got black trainers though. I’ll wear those instead.

I had to try the clothes on to make sure they fit. I don’t feel like me in them. I feel like someone else entirely. Doesn’t help that I hate trying on clothes. I feel like a doll, back with Holly and June. Ashley and Aspen used to burn my clothes when no one was around. They said it was a game, and if I could put them out before they burned too badly I won. I never won that game, because no matter if I did put them out they’d always be too burned to wear again.

The new bag Harriet got me, is the one thing I do like though. Its got pockets that I can put my special things in – like my iPhone, or my hairclip when I’m doing P.E. (the P.E. kit is equally ridiculous – what is the point of wearing a netball skirt, if you’re just going to wear shorts under it anyway?). And I can carry some of my tools with me too, just in case anything breaks. I wish I could take my supersoaker…

Harriet also got me new pens and pencils and stuff. I like those. I needed new pencils for drawing anyway. I also got some more acrylic to replace the stuff that went missing the other day. Now I can get back to my wall painting in the medieval witch burning section of the Library…

Hmm…its Valerie’s birthday soon. I wonder if she’d like a painting in the medical wing?

I haven’t seen that many people today. Harriet was back in Real Life again. Tash has been locked in her room – she said something about cramps. I think she’s doing her dissertation too. I saw Aster earlier. She seemed worried – now I’ve read her post below, I know what its about. I can try setting up a machine for you to dictate to if you want Aster?

Maybe I should tidy my room too. Put all my tools and paper away…Phoenixia mentioned that she’d forgotten what colour my carpet is…that can’t be good.

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  1. August 22, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    I think I’m fine, Emily-chan – I did some experiments. It doesn’t happen when I say the name out loud, and the more I type it, the less time the arrests take up. Maybe it’s just my brain being stupid.

    Good luck in school! Get better grades than I did. I think school is at least reasonably fun at your age. But once you get to high school age I will get Harriet-san to pull you out. That is torture nobody should go through!

    • k/c
      August 23, 2010 at 5:12 am

      Er, Aster…Harriet is enrolling Emily in high school.

  2. emilyfoxblade
    August 23, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Actually I’m going to secondary school (since it will be in England). ^^

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