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PUSH THE VENOOOOM! \m/(>.<)\m/

Kataklysm’s new album “Heaven’s Venom” is coming out TOMORROW and needless to say I am UBER psyched for it.

Now that we’ve settled for a genre it seems like mine, Jess’ and Shirley’s jam sessions are finally getting somewhere! Before it was just a discordant jumble with a couple of good lines hidden inside, but now we’re starting to make progress towards our own style.

I’ve been playing a lot of Kalmah for Jess and Shirley too. (Moon of my Nights, Time Takes Us All, Ect. Ect.) Symphonic Death Metal is going to be tricky to pull off and Kalmah is about as close as you can get to symphonic. Anyway, we need to start working on some lyrics before anything else.

Now where is my tuner…

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