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Life is Spicy

Today’s a lazy day. When you’re just wanting to curl up on a couch with comfort food and stare at a TV screen for hours. My comfort food happens to be either a lot of pasta, (Done in the microwave–I know, blasphemy–it’s faster that way) or chips, salsa, and milk. I went for the chips and salsa. And ran out of salsa. Now, this was my homemade salsa, which, while having the consistency of a fruit smoothie, (this is adhering to the idea that salsa is a SAUCE) the heat level can vary from nothing to a good substitue to a small nuke bomb. Ben, you have competition. After noticing that I was out of salsa, I went into my fridge…found a jar of salsa that I’d bought a month ago to compare taste and such. And I realized, after opening that jar, that store-bought salsa is slightly sweet! And this was the “Hot” salsa….big red letters, ect. Meh. Mild in comparison to mine. Mild and sweet. Not a salsa. OK, it’s offical, I take offense to store bought salsa. Is not salsa….is tomato stew.


Did anyone else just feel that wave of power go through the Library? It was very….it felt good, though. I wonder what it is….I’mma gonna go look, so I’m signing off for now.

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