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I haven’t been on the computer very often, lately, have I? Sorry, completely my fault!

But to be more precise, I haven’t been on this blog as much, that’s all. I have been using the internet an awful lot to watch anime – I finished the Special A series last week and now I’ve been recommended to start Code Geass. It’s so engrossing! According to my previous records I should be able to finish the 20-something episode season by the end of the week (meaning Sunday). I was on a roll today – I watched 5 episodes back-to-back as soon as I rolled out of bed – but some weird power surge fried my computer in the afternoon. It has still not been fixed; I only count myself lucky I wasn’t borrowing Charis’ laptop! [edit: Damn right! – Charis]

The funny thing was…my computer was plugged into a surge protector. I wouldn’t have thought that ordinary electrical disturbances could affect a Library-owned computer that Phoenixia personally reinforced. Oh well. Odder things have happened. Everybody else seems to be drifting to the heart of the Library about now [edit: -.- Is “everybody” defined as three or four people now? – Charis] so I’ll take a look at whatever’s of interest there, as well. It will take another 12 hours for a new computer to arrive for me from the Real World, anyhow.

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