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Back in Black!!!

Or something to that extent. I’m so hyper I can barely sit here and type.

So. The good news. ADRIAN IS ALIVE!!! Forget back, he’s ALIVE!!!! He’s back too, and walking around like he almost never left, but methinks the ‘alive’ part of this deal is more important. Whatever Power that Be made it so Adrian could come back to us, we (The Society) owe you one. Big time.

Here’s how it happened. You know that wave of something I felt in my last post?? I tried looking for it, and got nowhere. Then Aster comes flying in like someone gave that girl an expresso and then a Monster energy drink, and topped it all off with Tash’s British chocolate. Seriously, I have never seen that fae move so fast in the air or turn such tight corners without crashing. So, anyways, Aster is firmly declaring Adrian is back, even though we all know he’s dead and normally the dead don’t come back. (Nevermind that I can site multiple fandoms where this law gets snapped.) There were a couple other people already following Aster, mainly Jess, Kyle, Tyler, and Karissa. We, sadly, were humoring Aster, nothing she would’ve showed us would’ve been bad, maybe a bit sad, but nothing too nasty. She never accepted the fact that Adrian was dead. So we follow her for quite a ways and get deeper and deeper into the Library. And then Aster speeds up even more–after you would think she couldn’t go any faster– towards Michael and Kuroneko and Val and Tash and Adrian and—–

HOLY F$%&** ADRIAN!!!!

Both sides stopped in their tracks…and then someone said “oh, shit.” It might’ve been Adrian, I don’t quiiiite remember, because then we just all started running at him at once, and subsequently Tash because she was latched onto him and then there was lots and lots of running and glomping and I think we fell over because I have a few new unexplained bruises…….Soooo after that and everyone untangled themselves from each other and just kinda looked at Adrian not quite believing he was back.

“It’s not another Death, is it?” I think this was Tyler. And he promptly got Gibbs smacked for it.

After this little moment of revelation happened, I don’t know what the other agents did, but I ran full pelt back into the Library, a silly grin on my face towards Cristoph’s room. I have no idea how I tripped over my feet, did a somersault into his room and landed on my bum with my legs spread out in front of me, still with that grin on my face. I must of looked like I was on something.

“Adrian’s back!!”


“He’s back he’s back he’s BACK!!!”

And then kinda half scrambled half dashed outta that room into the hall, knocking on doors yelling that Adrian was back. Between me, Aster, and Phoenixia once she found out, the whole Society knew within 15 minutes.

I think Adrian got glomped again a grand total of 5 times. I pity his ribs.

After that Tash and Adrian sequestered themselves into her room for some “Alone time.” They’re still in there. Could be for a couple days. Would not be surprised. I’ll just sit here and whistle innocently…..no, wait….there’s a Cristoph I could go hug and cuddle with. ‘Scuse me!!!
P.S. Adrian, when you read this, yes Cristoph and I have gotten together…you’ve missed a lot and the mission reports won’t fill you in on all of it. There will be lots of nights spent talking, I can feel it. Right, gotta break out the snack food….

Now, to go hug a Cristoph…..


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  1. Tyler
    August 27, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Look, asking if it was another Death was a perfectly logical question! There was no reason to smack me for it!

    • Rhiannon-Society Chef
      August 28, 2010 at 3:14 am

      Nyeh! Doesn’t mean you should’ve asked it then!!! I mean come on, Tash was latched on to his arm like she was physically attached. I do believe that means it’s Adrian.

  2. Tyler
    August 28, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Chrys thought Death was Adrian. My point remains.

    • Rhiannon-Society Chef
      August 28, 2010 at 3:53 am

      Chrys isn’t Tash.
      And it’s not like a Gibbs smack hurts. Much.

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