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Theme change!

Changed the blog theme for two reasons: one, it was impossible to find the site admin/login button on the old theme, and two, it looks cooler. Doesn’t it?

Ah, so…about me…

I’m doing well. The…experience…with Kuroneko-chan was a little traumatic, I admit. I don’t like to talk about the specifics of what happened that day, but if it ever happens again, contact Valerie-chan or Akai-chan immediately. As much as I hate to admit it (and I do hate to admit it), the two times that happened it was one of them who helped me.

It’s weird; if I’d had a soul my entire life, I’d act the same way that I did before. But the only reason I act differently now is that I can tell a distinctive feeling there that wasn’t before. I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Valerie-chan, however, is now my main source for asking “what’s this, what’s that” in regards to emotions; she’s really good, and she doesn’t even have to use her empathy~ I think she should start a counseling service. She’ll make a lot of money, I’m sure! And money’s always good. Nothing wrong with more cash.

I could use some more cash…

It’s so good to have Adrian-kun back though. And I noticed he easily re-set up his traps, so Tyler-kun is now suffering from new obstacles. Adrian-kun also showed me a new manga (which I’m now reading), and he’s always willing to help with emotion-related stuff…He’s been kinda weird around me about one thing though – he asked me what those numbers I wrote on the wall meant. I don’t know what they were. In fact I didn’t even know I wrote numbers on the wall…

He went to go look something up recently, he’s still looking it up now (apparently that number is the first of a long series of scavenger-hunt steps or something like that) and he says it has something to do with him. I don’t know, but he says it’ll take him a few days. Whatever it is…

Also, I’ve been feeling something weird lately during certain times (I’m trying to find a link between those times of the day). I asked Valerie-chan about it and she just smiled and said I’ll find it myself. Excuuuse me, Valerie-chan, but I’m not getting the hint…

Well, I’ll post back again. I’m having so much fu~n~


P.S: I finally found my Elfen Lied postcard under a table, but then I collapsed (and that whole “incident” started). When I looked back again, it was gone. I know someone took it this time.  WHO DID IT?

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