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If anyone is in need of a small boost in energy, I have emptied one of Adrian’s obstacle courses, and left a couple cokes at the end, in an ice cube. There are a few traps along the way, which I shall list for convinience.

-A swinging blade: Disable with lever on wall.

-A Pitfall: Look for the odd block out right after the swinging blade.

-Five rope traps: Step around the yellow blocks

-Sixteen dart throwers, a fireball thrower, and an automatic crossbow: Bring a partner and waltz through it. You have no idea how strange it is waltzing with your own illusory self, and it’s a waste of a good Mirror Image scroll.

Categories: Tyler
  1. Little Green Army Commander
    August 29, 2010 at 2:40 am

    I hadn’t had the LPGB very long before Adrian’s traps were emptied out, but now that their back I have a regiment in training whose sole purpose is to steal snacks, hopefully I’ll get those guys mobilized soon.

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