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Crack…curse you Akai-chan

So Akai-chan thinks she’s so clever, huh?

So she decides to grind her crack pills up and stick them in the air filter so that the air is spiked with crack. Now we’re all inhaling it. And nobody’s going to take this post seriously now because it’s written with crack. I don’t even like it.

You shut up, Akai-chan.

Anyway, I changed the theme again. I got the “Site Admin” and “Log in” buttons working again, and it was getting hard to see some stuff with the other theme anyway…hey, I’m not fickle. I just went back to the theme we were using before.

…ugh, the crack feels weird. How does Akai-chan live on this stuff? Does anyone have a gas mask?


P.S.: I know I’m not going to be taken seriously, but my Elfen Lied postcard is still gone. Seriously.

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