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I need to work out more…

Today I went on a mission to a fairly obscure NES fandom, it was full of running and jumping… I sat out on the last mission and let Chloe take it solo, the mission before that I allowed the LPGB to go in alone (which in retrospect may have been a bad idea…) so the bottom line is I’ve been lying on the couch and eating Cheetos alot… I mean alot!

So by the time I got to the top of the tower I was panting and sweating, because back in the 1980’s stairs were apparently too advanced for most game developers, I’ve never jumped so much in my life!… and then the Stu had the nerve to mock me! Had I not abandoned the Boomhammer back in the underworld I would have put him through a wall (Don’t judge me, that things weighs 20 pounds!) Bottom line I’m going to start taking alot more training sessions… and not sitting out on so many missions.

(EDIT: Yeah, if it weren’t for General Idea’s surprise air attack and me separating the fiend from his weapon he probably would have gotten away, from now on I’m forcing you to work out with me. ~Chloe)

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