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Hey, at least it’s minty.

There’s still quite a bit of crack left in the vents. I’m guessing that it’ll last about four more days. And even then, I might decide to slip a little more into the filter. Ah, the air in here feels so nice and crack-ish. But seriously, since I found it laughably easy to slip my crack pills into the filters, the security on the air filters should be increased. It’s just like that time when I finally passed my written exam by folding down the corner of a page…er…

Never mind.

There’s quite a lot of things going on now. For one, Aster got her soul back. Thankfully, she’s still the same, more or less.

Also, Adrian’s back. I’m not quite sure what to make of him – he’s got cat ears, for one thing, and he wears trenchcoats. He seems a bit too…eh…not up to my standards of what a Librarian should be like. He does seem like a nice guy though, so I guess I’ll have to formally introduce myself sometime.

Hm…maybe I should’ve waited a few more days to stick my crack pills in the air filters. All that euphoria about Adrian returning plus the crack-induced highs from my pills might lead to some dangerous circumstances.

Speaking of which, I think we might need to put a collar on Chrys. Evidently, crack and Chrys equals a higher amount of desu than usual. The sparkles are starting to affect my sleeping patterns…


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  1. Little Green Army Commander
    September 5, 2010 at 2:24 am

    I’ve actually taken to wearing a gas mask and sunglasses outside my lab, although I’m considering wearing it inside my lab too… I don’t seem to remember ordering an LPGB napalm strike on the Twilight section, but that is indeed my signature written with my pen on the orders sheet… geeze, it’s going to cost so much money and cleaning duty to fix the damage and put me back on the leaders good side.

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