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Onee-chan got lazy with her preparations for her second book, NaRisa (which I – or the real Aster – will be in), and didn’t write for me in a while, so I’m doing nothing lately since she isn’t even having me do something idle like read manga. So I was stuck in her head for over a week and I finally prodded her to let me out, so now I’m writing this blog post.

Unfortunately when I’m done I’ll be back in her head again until she posts something with me in it…or plays around with forums…or if another Author-san decides to use me…or she writes another blog post…

Hey, can someone get Adrian-kun to make a post?

…I’m bored. Someone entertain me. It’s boring in onee-chan’s head.


P.S.: Still no postcard. Whoever loves me is doing a bad job of it apparently.

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