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Justice is cruel, but satisfying.

You’re wondering why I was gone today, huh?

So I finally got so fed up with the girls bullying Emily-chan that I followed her to her school. It was pretty hard waiting for those bullies to come out, but come out they did.  And Emily-chan sure has reason to hate them!

That girl, Sonia I guess her name is – she’s ugly. Really really ugly. Her hair is all straight at the bottom and curly at the top, like she put a hair straightener to her head and was too lazy to do the top. Or she used a hair curler on the top and didn’t touch the bottom. Whatever. I think she’s under the impression it’s good-looking though.

Anyway  so after all of the girls had left I followed that girl to her house and grabbed her when she wasn’t looking and gave her a nice punch to the face. (I didn’t miss the punch for once!) Then I stuffed a bit of darkness in her eyes so she couldn’t see what I was doing and then took her for a fly. Then after a bit of flying I dropped her. She was so convinced she was still falling, even though I dropped her only one foot from the ground!

So I told her there are bad, bad things that will happen to her if she does anything bad to Emily-chan again – and I will know.

And if that doesn’t scare her away (it probably didn’t, since now she hates me so much she might take it out on Emily-chan), I’ll be ready.

When I got back, Hati-san was really, really mad at me and gave me this really boring hour-long scream lecture, then put me on probation. No more missions for a week. I don’t mind. It was so worth it.


P.S. Whoever took my postcard is not and never will be my boyfriend. This isn’t funny. Give it back!

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  1. gdouglas56
    September 21, 2010 at 2:06 am



  2. dancingphoenix
    September 23, 2010 at 10:00 am

    Aster! What on earth were you thinking?! Aside from how much mental torture you probably put that girl through, the whole reason we sent Emily to school was so that she could learn how to interact with other kids – part of that includes learning how to defend and stick up for herself against bullies! She isn’t going to learn that if we keep coming to save her.

    Thanks for trying, but next time, let her get her own back.

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