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With autumn comes the fall

My author has left me alone, for once – she’s planning a birthday party the day after her birthday so she’s got a lot of calls to make, plus she muttered something about it being very coincidental that two people canceled on her because of SATs but then not so coincidental since they canceled on two different things.

I have no idea what that’s all supposed to mean, but the sanity of my author doesn’t concern me, and I finally have peace and quiet again.

Though, it’s a bit too quiet at the moment. It’s always one end of the spectrum for my author – she’s either clinging onto me or pushing me aside due to RL concerns. It’s the latter at the moment, and rather than search fruitlessly for a postcard (Hey, what’s gone is gone, Aster, move on >_>) or dish out some punishment to some school bullies (I’m highly disappointed that I wasn’t invited in on the fun), I’ve been jacking my author’s Pokémon games and screwing around with her files trying to get up to date with some of the latest Pokémon news.

It turns out that Black and White is “pirate-free” – eh, that’s of no concern to me. I’m (mostly) an honest citizen, and I buy my games.

(I would like to take a moment to laugh at my author. HA, I’M FROM JAPAN SO I GET TO PLAY THE GAME BEFORE YOU DO.)

(And on a side note, you just lost the game. Oh yes, this is what I’ll be doing when I wait for my DS to charge – making “that’s what she said” jokes and forcing people to lose the game. I feel alive!)

But for the fans out there, a fan-made movie called “Apokélypse”, or something of that sort anyways, has released a trailer and is enjoying immense popularity right now. My author got all excited over it, but I don’t see what’s so special. The CG is good, I guess, but the puns are bad (Speaking of which, I’ll have to make sure that Shirley isn’t around whenever I’m watching the trailer…I don’t want my laptop to get crushed) and Pikachu looks like a scraggly rat! Blasphemy!

So what have I been doing besides playing video games and annoying people? Well, Chrys decided to drag me out of the Library to have a bit of fun (This is when Aster was off to deal with Emily’s bullies, otherwise we would’ve invited her) in our home universe. We eventually ended up at a photo booth where we snapped up random silly pictures (Hey, we’re Japanese high school girls after all). When we got out of the booth to get our photos, Chrys happened to slip on an empty soda can on the ground outside, and smashed ungracefully into the side of the booth. While Chrys windmilled her arms to regain her balance, the booth fell over with a humongous crash.

And this is where I have to take back my statement that I’m an honest citizen – Chrys and I took out our Plothole Generators and hauled ass out of there. Hey, I have money, but I’m not rich enough to pay for a freaking photo booth.

So, once I got back to – oi! What the hell are you doing in my room?! Stupid author, give me back my laptop! HEY –

[Note to Aster’s author: In the RL variant of this, today was Picture Day. I spotted Chrys’s author and gestured for her to stand behind me in line. She headed over…and tripped over one of the extension cords on the floor, unplugging one of the cameras. That particular line got held up for a while. Chrys’s author was mortified while I laughed uproariously. Now I can safely say that I have two anime stereotype friends: a dojikko and a tsundere (If you forgot who this was, hint – Death is fatal).]

-Fourth wall rumbles ominously-

Goddamn it, my author is almost as bad as Aster…first she bums around with me for an entire week, then she randomly leaves me alone, pops in for thirty seconds, and then disappears again…anyways. Chrys and I got reprimanded for being reckless, but our punishment wasn’t as harsh as Aster’s – we got assigned grunt work – in other words, a huge stack of ungraded Rookie exams.

It took us a while, but we finally finished and handed in the passing exam. Yes, only the paper that passed. I still possess the failed exam papers. What am I planning to do with them?

Well, let’s put it this way – I’m looking for a large pile of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.


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  1. September 23, 2010 at 3:43 am

    (Note to Akai-Kurenai from Author: Email me or something. We must talk about this.)

    EEEEE. Black/White is so fun. Except the Catholic bad guys.

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