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September 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Our Author has been writing! Or at least, I think she has been writing. I’ve been feeling nothing but lethargic for the last couple of weeks and then -wham- I got a sudden energy burst today that usually only results from her plotting something or the other regarding Charis and me. I have to say I’m teetotal about this revelation. I’d be glad to have a purpose in life again sometime soon; however, I have a nagging feeling that she’s pushing something else aside to spare time for writing. This is September. She should have homework from university. Lots of it.

As long as I have the vim to move my limbs today I’m going to try and find Lily. Ben has been neglecting her something awful, and me and Charis aren’t always available for her either. I’m glad she’s made another friend in Avak and, heck, it wouldn’t hurt for me to get to know the guy too. Lily’s been trying to get Avak accustomed to being further from Val and the infirmary every day…so I think I’ll start my search three rooms away.

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