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Well, at least it wasn’t too difficult to arrange.

Today the LPGB asked my permission to go on leave for Halloween, which honestly surprised me since they all take themselves way too seriously all the time. But it seemed harmless enough so I granted their permission and asked what they wanted to be.

Most surprisingly they told me they wanted to be Spetsnaz.

So don’t be alarmed if you see any red army men running around, it’s just the LPGB with an additional coat of spray paint.

Maybe they’re just excited about Black Ops…




October 29, 2010 1 comment

I cosplayed as Chidori Kaname~

It was a lot of fun! We had a lot of snacks. Of course, Chrys-chan took a ton of them before I really got the chance to eat that much, but…eh. Chocolate is good.

This was Akai-chan’s first Halloween in the Society so naturally she liked to creep up behind people, wait until they weren’t looking…and then pounce on them, topple them over, and shove crack pills into their mouths. Will she ever learn?


P.S.: …I found a postcard on the ground that initially resembled mine but turned out to have the words “Trick or Treat! You’ve just been PWNED!” on it…Someone explain please.

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Forces of the Northern Lights, Assemble!

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

If anyone’s seen me wandering around the Library muttering darkly under my breath lately, I can explain. Dimmu Borgir (Black Fortress), the reigning kings of Black Metal just recently released their latest album Abrahadabra and, thanks to my slowly maturing tastes in metal, I’ve been capitvated.

Black Metal is one of the few metals that can be accurately described as satanic, and while Abrahadabra lacks any real satanic overtones, a sense of malice and evil pervades the album just the same. Thanks to the inclusion of a full symphonic orchestra, the tracks on Abrahadabra alternate between darkly majestic and disturbingly eerie. The guest vocals by Agnete Kjolsrud on “Gateways” never fails to raise the hairs on the back of my neck. But then again, this entire album is filled with great songs. “Endings and Continuations,” “Chess with the Abyss”, and a black metal anthem I can finally get behind: “Dimmu Borgir”

So if you see me stalking around the Library, growling and muttering, just ignore me and let me finish my game with the abyss.

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On Halloween

October 27, 2010 1 comment

If anyone tells me “Trick or Treat”, I will gladly give you a treat…that consists of me ramming five or more crack pills down your throat. Enjoy.

By the way, it happens to be Red Ribbon Week (Anti-drug week).

-Chews a crack pill nonchalantly-

Unlike my author, who is dressing up in 1920’s Jazz Age garb for extra credit in her English class under the theme of some kind of book about a fellow named Gatz-something [Akai’s Author: IT’S GATSBY! AND DO YOU THINK I ENJOY WEARING A DRESS AND CARRYING A PARASOL ANY MORE THAN YOU WOULD?!], I…have no idea what to wear for Halloween. I didn’t celebrate it that often when I lived in my original world, but it seems that here in the Library, we’re going to have an entire party devoted to the occasion. So, any costume suggestions for me and the jun-akuma? I’m open to most things. Cosplay is okay, I guess, but I do enough of that on the rare occasions I’m dragged to Comiket…

By the way, is it normal to wake up with a weapon (Spear-tan) in one hand and a bottle of root beer in the other while slumped over in front of my closet? I have fuzzy memories of yesterday…if I think really hard, strawberries, long hair, mud, and a fountain pen come to mind for some odd reason…well, whatever, I’m off to level up my Kanto Pokémon.

— Akai

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I’ll actually be here for Halloween this year!

October 26, 2010 2 comments

Hard to believe it’s already been about a year since my disappearance into the Endless Abyss of the Night Sky.  To say that I was annoyed that I had missed quite a bit is an understatement.  I will be there for the party this year, through Hell and high water!

*Cough* Ahem, pardon me.   As a warning to anyone considering it, if I catch someone spiking my drink or find out that my drink had be spiked after the party, then I’ll take that person to my training room and make them go through my workout nonstop for however long I was spiked.  Trust me, I will find out if anyone tries it!

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October 19, 2010 1 comment

Halloween’s coming up again 🙂

Pumpkins are scarce in my hometown but I figure that won’t be a problem in the Library. This weekend I’m going to carve my jack-o-lantern. Next week I can’t wait to dress up, party, and sample Rhia’s holiday food…but wait, all that didn’t turn out so well last year, did it? Nonetheless things were exciting! I still can’t wait!

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I really have nothing to say

I have done absolutely nothing lately anybody here would be bored enough to consider reading, so I will instead leave you with a profound word of wisdom.

“Centuries ago when men beat the ground with sticks and shouted curses it was called witchcraft, nowadays it is called golf.”