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Movie time with Adrian-kun

Fate/stay night came out on Blu-Ray a few days ago, and Adrian-kun still hadn’t seen it (he hasn’t even played the original Fate/stay night game – what a failure) so we got it off the shelf when it spawned and stuck it in the Blu-Ray player. I must say it was very fun. He thought it was a ton of fanservice, but that’s ’cause he hasn’t played the ga~ame~!

So I made some popcorn and ramen for the occasion. The stuff is really, really bad for you when combo-ed like that (and I even exercised extra beforehand!) but I felt it worth it, so we watched the movie together.

The awkward moment was when Archer-kun himself walked in and we thought he’d be offended if he saw us watching (because Unlimited Blade Works happens to be about, well, him and his tragic past) so we quickly turned off the TV when he walked in. He was wondering what we were doing with popcorn and ramen, but we made up some excuses – I think he figured it out though.

(Oh, and Archer-kun, if you’re reading this…yeah, we were indeed watching UBW. I feel it’s okay to talk about it now…but you liked the game, didn’t you?)

Movie was so much fun. Let’s do it again.

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  1. dancingphoenix
    October 8, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Yeah I’ve been thinking about this too – can we keep Archer away from me when I’m making my Saber cosplay? Might be a tad awkward…

    • gdouglas56
      October 9, 2010 at 12:34 am

      He doesn’t let up, does he?


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