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Forces of the Northern Lights, Assemble!

If anyone’s seen me wandering around the Library muttering darkly under my breath lately, I can explain. Dimmu Borgir (Black Fortress), the reigning kings of Black Metal just recently released their latest album Abrahadabra and, thanks to my slowly maturing tastes in metal, I’ve been capitvated.

Black Metal is one of the few metals that can be accurately described as satanic, and while Abrahadabra lacks any real satanic overtones, a sense of malice and evil pervades the album just the same. Thanks to the inclusion of a full symphonic orchestra, the tracks on Abrahadabra alternate between darkly majestic and disturbingly eerie. The guest vocals by Agnete Kjolsrud on “Gateways” never fails to raise the hairs on the back of my neck. But then again, this entire album is filled with great songs. “Endings and Continuations,” “Chess with the Abyss”, and a black metal anthem I can finally get behind: “Dimmu Borgir”

So if you see me stalking around the Library, growling and muttering, just ignore me and let me finish my game with the abyss.

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