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On Halloween

If anyone tells me “Trick or Treat”, I will gladly give you a treat…that consists of me ramming five or more crack pills down your throat. Enjoy.

By the way, it happens to be Red Ribbon Week (Anti-drug week).

-Chews a crack pill nonchalantly-

Unlike my author, who is dressing up in 1920’s Jazz Age garb for extra credit in her English class under the theme of some kind of book about a fellow named Gatz-something [Akai’s Author: IT’S GATSBY! AND DO YOU THINK I ENJOY WEARING A DRESS AND CARRYING A PARASOL ANY MORE THAN YOU WOULD?!], I…have no idea what to wear for Halloween. I didn’t celebrate it that often when I lived in my original world, but it seems that here in the Library, we’re going to have an entire party devoted to the occasion. So, any costume suggestions for me and the jun-akuma? I’m open to most things. Cosplay is okay, I guess, but I do enough of that on the rare occasions I’m dragged to Comiket…

By the way, is it normal to wake up with a weapon (Spear-tan) in one hand and a bottle of root beer in the other while slumped over in front of my closet? I have fuzzy memories of yesterday…if I think really hard, strawberries, long hair, mud, and a fountain pen come to mind for some odd reason…well, whatever, I’m off to level up my Kanto Pokémon.

— Akai

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  1. October 28, 2010 at 12:20 am

    Akai-chan! Let’s be Ga-Rei characters again!
    …no wait, I can’t see who you’d be. Unless you want to be Yomi?

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