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It’s lonely in here…

With all of the authors working on their National Novel Writing Month stuff (including onee-chan, who is too busy working on it as well as well as paying way too much attention to Hana), it’s really lonely and quiet in here…there are few people to talk to. Thankfully Adrian-kun, Chrys-chan, and Akai-chan are always around, along with some other people, but all the self-insert characters with Author-sans who are doing the contest are all locked up in their room.

I haven’t seen them in weeks. They could be dead and I’d never know…

It’s an odd experience with onee-chan properly writing the novel now…my memories, which have always existed, are suddenly becoming more detailed – it’s not like I’m suddenly remembering, but it’s just that everything that has happened to me is suddenly becoming more specific. I would still be able to talk about it in the same way.

…I’m bored. And we’re behind in anime classes…


P.S.: And there’s nobody around to help me find my postcard. The Library is so big, it’s impossible to search everywhere…

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