Who Knew?

I’ve been spending most of my time in Real Life lately. Just now I saw the midnight showing of the latest Harry Potter movie – I literally reserved the last seat in the house! Totally worth coming 2 hours early; I was utterly floored by the awesome! =D I love midnight showings. They always have the general feel of a convention to them. XD

I stopped in at the Library yesterday though, since I had some time to kill. Since I’m not doing NaNo, I figure I should enjoy the relative quiet around here. It got me wondering though: you’d think the Sues would take this opportunity every November to strike while we’re more or less out of commission, but so far there hasn’t been a peep. Curious, I looked into it, and discovered that suethors and badfic writers are just as busy as we are this time of year. Moreover, it seems that any Sues resulting from NaNo-fics have such low power levels that they don’t even register on our scanners. I think it’s because so few people actually read NaNoWriMo stories. Either that or the lack of detail in your average NaNo-fic just isn’t enough to create a full-blown, out of control Mary Sue. Hey, small favors, right?

I should probably go home and get to sleep before Aster finds me again. I love talking about Digimon, but not with someone who utterly refuses to use their English names. I love her, but I have no patience for fangirl behavior. Not to mention it’s hard to even get a word in edgewise lately. I think all the quiet is putting her on edge. XD

  1. November 19, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    I…I don’t know the names of the English dub…I didn’t know it when I was in America. (Onee-chan has NO excuse though!)

    I AM on edge…nobody to talk to…no Sues to hunt…

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