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Lost Property – Breaking News!

Okay… Asuka just had a sniff around to see if she could find my inducer, and the rest of the stuff that’s gone missing, and informed me she had picked up the unmistakeable scent of a Clefairy! We followed the trail into the advanced spaceflight room, and found several books gone from the shelves, but the trail kind of dead-ended there.

Fans of Season one of the Pokemon Anime will know what I’m talking about here, and I must admit I’m a bit surprised they still haven’t fixed that blasted Spaceship after ten years of scavenger hunting techno-theivery. Although what they think Leonard could help them with on that front frankly beats me… That is if it isn’t just Asuka playing a practical joke to try and cheer me up, but that isn’t usually her style.

I’ll follow this possibility up for a while, anyway.


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