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I don’t like Clefairy much!

February 18, 2011 1 comment

Just a quick warning to everyone, if you see a group of thigh-high figures dressed in black around the library, don’t underestimate them! Clefairy Ninjas may look cute, but they are sugar-coated hyperactive… I don’t know what!

I managed to recover a bunch of the stuff they stole from us to repair their spaceship (No Elfin Lied Postcard though, sorry Aster.), and  they rather took exception to my interference. I was abundantly grateful that I had given Asuka Superpower for Christmas, and we barely got away with all our limbs intact even then! Although I freely admit I’m at a loss to explain how they got in to steal the stuff in the first place…

On a slightly more serious note, is it me, or is the society starting to crack under the strain? More and more people are spending less time in the library, and those that do stay don’t seem quite themselves. Heaven knows I’m as guilty of the former as anyone else, but something seems to have shifted recently…

I hope I’m just over-reacting, but the last thing we need now is a breakdown in communications…

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Adrian is a big meanie!

February 16, 2011 2 comments

Guess the titles says it all…

I asked Adrian a simple favour. Just a tiny little thing. Its my birthday in less than two weeks after all. You’re supposed to be nice to people on their birthdays!

I asked if I could have Anna and Miki around for a sleepover. Its a tiny little sleepover with a total of three girls! Its not like I’m having everyone in Year Seven over! But he says its too dangerous to have strangers in the Library. Which is stupid, because he has strangers from fandoms over all the time when they want books and stuff to aid them! He says they’re important and its necessary for them to get this information for their plots, but I’m not stupid. He wouldn’t do business with that bubbleheaded alien if the guy wasn’t selling him information back about the twelfth moon of Panoraca, and he wouldn’t let the Dark Virtue’s in if Nixie wasn’t shagging one of them (your walls are really thin Phoenixia).

I want my friends over. I want to do something normal for a change. A sleepover is nice and normal. I worked hard for these friends. I don’t want to mess it up.

Stupid Adrian…bet he’s just doing this because I threw myself off the roof at Sue Factor. Never mind that I saved us all. I’m still just the kid to him and have to do what the grown ups say…

Hmm…I have an idea…

Jess, if you read this, I want some advice from you!

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February 16, 2011 2 comments

Onee-chan is a horrible, horrible woman!

She came up and told me she’s saying her last goodbyes, since she won’t be involved in my life anymore. So I thought this was a good thing since now I can do whatever I want…and then she told me that she’s putting me in the hands of the rest of the other Author-san group, and so now I’m gonna have a million people telling me what to do!

She’s probably gonna go tend to that stupid Hana UTAU or this other new character she’s making. I’m being ignored! Oh, she tried to justify it – “you should feel lucky, there’s gonna be a whole book series about you”. Yeah, she’s writing it about the other Aster, not me. She’s so selfish, not thinking about me anymore.

So now I gotta deal with a ton of Authors breathing down my neck and telling me what to do and shipping me with Counter Guardians…ugh! She’s terrible.

Oh…and someone drew mustaches on my second volume of Fruits Basket. I am not pleased.

Not a good day.


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