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Birthday Aftermath

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

*Comes in with the only sign of injury being a bandage on his right cheek.*  Well, I’m glad no one was injured by my stupidity the other day.  Honestly, I should have known that I would start making so much energy after drinking THAT MUCH SUGAR!  *Pauses*  I shouldn’t be down on myself…after all, while I was recovering, I did get some gifts from a few other Agents.  Who knew that British chocolate was so good!

Anyway, I finally got those Little Plastic Tactics Squad troops I had wanted…I’ll try to take them on my next mission so I can break them in.  *Hears a war going on somewhere nearby*  Huh, seems like Shirley’s in another fight with the LPMC.  I think I had asked them to help train my Tactics Squad…I should probably go check on them.  Later!

P.S.  Tyler, you still haven’t given me those cookies you owe me!

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Here I am, trying for a stream-of-consciousness blog post. See where it leads me, since the blog has been pretty quiet lately.

First off, welcome to using the blog, Adrian. About time you posted something. I was wondering if this was going to turn into a place where we would all gossip about you. Heh. We STILL gossip about you. And pretty much everything else that happens…..

Okay, okay, gigglefit over.

And hopefully all the bleedin’ pranks that popped up for April Fool’s are as well. When I find the spoo-for-brains baka that booby trapped my kitchen cabinets, I will have you scrubbing pots and pans for a month! With a toothbrush! And no climbing gear! Do you hear me?

Now that the threat/promise has been delievered….I’ve decided that I need to step up my game. As much as a frying pan does wonders on many, many people…it’s not enough. I’m not fast enough, or strong enough, nor do I have any magic. (Though I have poked at some potion/alchemy books. They’ve interesting theories…) I am dead weight on the battle field. This most recent mission has shown me that. Passion was beyond anything I’ve seen, and that was including Death, who nearly obliterated us all. Dead weight on the battlefield can quickly mean truly dead. Either my death or someone else’s. Or both. I will not be The Load. I refuse.
I’ve taken to running basic Parkour in the Training rooms to bolster my speed, endurance and strength. It’s better than simply running laps. But that’s only the beginning. I’m gonna ask you to your face, but it’ll be easier if I do it here, first. Adrian…I need help. I need training. I know you’re busy, but…who else do I turn to? Cristoph is still learning new things about his abilities, Kyle’s talents are completely out of my league, and Michael and Tash are nearly as busy as you are. Phoenixia might be able to help, but she’s also got a huge load on her plate. I….I really don’t know where to turn.

So, yeah. I’m gonna post this and then go find you and ask you in person.

I will not be The Load anymore.

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April 2, 2011 Leave a comment

‘Tis, the illustruous Librarian leaving a post on this blog. Why?

Because my girlfriend told me if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get sex or ear rubs for a week and somehow she convinced Phoenixia to promise the same. I don’t know what she promised Phoenixia, but it was enough to get her to dress decently around me. (RE: A bussiness suit and skirt.)

Maybe I should get back at Tashy by suggesting that when she’s not with me and also out of sight, she and Phoenixia are trading sex tips…enthusiastically….

Bah. I’m sure I’ll figure out what she promised eventaully. Tashy can’t resist the ears and kitteh eyes….

And yes, Emily, you may complain about me, but people tend to forget that I run the Library Arcanium, not a hotel. Also, Phoenixia has been looking into getting a new pet and several of them have proven…ahh….eccentric. (Still cleaning char burns from the dragon and I don’t know where she got that giant labrador…)

Hmm…anything else I should mention….can’t think of anything really important.

Oh yes. Anyone who wishes to earn Phoenixia’s favor and possibly somethings more so, should report to her garden. Apparently, some of the plants have gotten out of hand…

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