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Birthday Aftermath

*Comes in with the only sign of injury being a bandage on his right cheek.*  Well, I’m glad no one was injured by my stupidity the other day.  Honestly, I should have known that I would start making so much energy after drinking THAT MUCH SUGAR!  *Pauses*  I shouldn’t be down on myself…after all, while I was recovering, I did get some gifts from a few other Agents.  Who knew that British chocolate was so good!

Anyway, I finally got those Little Plastic Tactics Squad troops I had wanted…I’ll try to take them on my next mission so I can break them in.  *Hears a war going on somewhere nearby*  Huh, seems like Shirley’s in another fight with the LPMC.  I think I had asked them to help train my Tactics Squad…I should probably go check on them.  Later!

P.S.  Tyler, you still haven’t given me those cookies you owe me!

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