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Have you seen this asymmetrical symmetry freak?

Yay, first post goodness. I really should have gotten around to this earlier…

Now, first on the agenda is the fact that the Greek Mythology reading room that always shows up between the Room of Infinite Geckos and the Reading Room of Crappy Chick-Lit is extremely unsafe. There’s a hungry Chimera running around in there and I SWEAR I didn’t put it there. I SWEAR.

Oh, and you may have noticed random explosions, bursts of fire, and screams coming from one of the larger lounges lately. Don’t worry, Willie, Stephen, Tyler, Tom and I have it under complete control. Seriously, no need to worry, we’re professional-ish.

Oh, and has anyone seen Death the Kid lately? I brought him into the Library to do some interior design for me and I lost track of him. I’d appreciate it if everyone kept an eye out for him, I’m worried what he could get himself into here…

By the way, why is there a room full of geckos in the Library?

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  1. Tyler
    May 14, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    The room of geckoes…I think it was brought into existence for the sole purpose of adding one more confusing room to the Library.

    And yes. We have everything under control. We’re semi-skilled quasi-professionals. No random threats of the week at all.

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