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Soaked to the Skin!

A very merry, but very wet Christmas to you all! Well, I suppose it was dry enough for most of you, but then you weren’t feeding Fish Finger!

I thought it would be a pity if she got left out of the celebrations, so John, Gareth and I got her a live Great White Shark for her Christmas dinner. Yes, I know, Sharks are all Boingy Cartilage, but the only other alternatives I could think of were other marine reptiles from her time period, like Icthysaurs, which we’re trying to wean her off, or modern marine mammals, and I doubt anyone would be able to stomach feeding her a Seal or a Dolphin, even if she would be able to digest them!

Anyway, we popped it into her tank, and it swam about a bit, but neither of them seemed particularly bothered about the other. Fish Finger herself just took a deep lung full of air and patrolled the bottom of the tank for a while. Just as we were about to leave however, boy did we get a shock! The Great White was on the surface, swanning around like the top of the food chain, when she erupted from the water with it pinned between her jaws. I swear I saw daylight under her tail as she came out of the water, but I was rather distracted by the tidal wave she set off as she came down!

I think there’s some footage on the security cameras of that somewhere, you might even be able to see the look of triumph on her face in vivid detail. Still, words to the unwary; Liopleurodon attack from below!


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