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The unidentified known companion

Hello everyone.  Who am I?  I can’t really say at the moment.  Why not?  Because the story I’m introduced in hasn’t been completely yet.  *Fourth Wall rumbles*  Oops, sorry about that.  Anyway, I guess I should apologize for using this account, since it’s not mine and I wouldn’t be allowed to have one.  Why not?  Because I’m merely a tool, a weapon for my master.  Who’s my master?  I can’t say, as it’d spoil my introduction in my story.  *Fourth Wall rumbles*  Oops, I should really stop doing that, the Librarian throws a fit each time.

Why am I here?  Well…I kind of disobeyed an order to do this, as I wanted to meet everyone, but I haven’t been introduced yet, which is strange because my story is supposed to be in Season one and it’s in the middle of Season two.  *Fourth Wall rumbles…A yell could now be heard compared to the other two times* Oh dear, I’m going to have to cut this short and go apologize.  Hopefully, my…nevermind, I can’t say it or else I’ll get into more trouble.  I eagerly await when I can more freely interact with everyone!

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