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Defying Gravity

Where to begin? For the most part, I’m okay after my death-defying stunt in Venice in Assassin’s Creed 2. But bruised bones don’t heal overnight and I’m still really rather sore.

I’m glad I survived. Falling without the ability to fly is not fun. At all. I don’t know how sky divers do it. Some sort of quirk in the brain that lets them turn off the gibbering fear of “OH HOLY SHIT I’m gonna die I’mgonnadieI’mgonnadie!!”? Not all that sure on how it works.

And I’m a little frustrated at Passion. I wanted to take a Leap of Faith! No fair. So wanted to.

….Then again, what I did was kinda a leap of faith. Fall off high point in city and survive. But it wasn’t elegant at all! I mean really, by the time I was done there was a HUGE hole in the ground from where I was aiming with Incandescent Silverreign. And the rest of poor Venice. Between the two of us, Passion and I had destroyed a good half of the place. It’s a good thing everything fixed itself when we all left.

And the other thing I need to mention. I’m Incandescent Silverreign’s new user. I hope Phoenixia, wherever she is, is okay with me using her gun.

We all miss you Phoenixia. Come back to us, if you can. We love you and want you back.


I went into this intending to write a happy entry. Now, after thinking about Nixie, I can’t anymore. Maybe I will again later.

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