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How’ve you been?

So Kyle mentioned the blog earlier today, and I realised that I haven’t posted in like, forever either. Not much has been happening in the Library lately actually. The way Adrian explained it to me is that time here and time in real life don’t quite more linearly – they move how the story needs them to move. So what’s happening here may not necessarily reflect the goings on in the real world. That sounds confusing, so don’t think about it too hard.


…no really, don’t. If you think about it, the Fourth Wall starts to get a little loose.


But things do move here. Since you all last saw me I have been to two concerts (yes, I went to see One Direction the other week – shut your faces), one anime convention, almost finished year ten and got half way through my GCSEs. Incidentally, it turns out that picking your GCSEs is a harrowing experience. You can’t quite escape the sensation that your entire future is riding on these choices that you – a naive little thirteen/fourteen year old – are just not equipped to make. Fortunately they impose strict deadlines, and we must meet them or an earthquake will swallow the entire building up.


But now I’m fifteen and next year is year eleven, and in keeping with tradition, year elevens get to pick by popular vote what colour combos our uniform will be. Unfortunately the teachers shot most of our suggestions down. Apparently Barbie pink and lime green isn’t an acceptable choice, but we have managed to get dark green and purple, which actually looks kind of cool. It almost makes wearing a skirt, blazer and tie combination bearable.


Almost. But not quite.


So anyway, back to GCSEs. Since I haven’t actually been on the blog for two years, nobody knows what I actually picked. So aside from the core subjects (incidentally, maths is still a bitch), I am taking IT as a double qualification, along with Art and History. Art is still the favourite, but I’m doing best at IT obviously – helps when there’s a multiverse spanning computer system to practise on on a daily basis (incidentally Adrian if you’re reading this, that database mix up that filed a load of pornography in the Christian fiction section had nothing to do with me – it was all @’s fault). Jesus Monster Truck Driving Christ, I actually finish full time schooling in a year. That’s a terrifying thought. But I’m carrying on with it, which means  next year I’ve got to pick my A Levels – I’m thinking Art, Photography, and two other things that I haven’t picked yet. Since my school doesn’t actually have a sixth form, I’ll be moving over to the Grammar school to take them. Miki and Anna are both planning on come too.


Oh and if anyone was wondering, yes university is on the table. I don’t actually know how much studying I’d do, but three years of drinking, drugs and sexual experimentation sounds frigging awesome!


Speaking of the three evils, I have a birthday party next weekend that I need to raid the wardrobe for. I also owe Mike three ciders and a new hairbrush (don’t ask – it’s his boyfriend’s fault).

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What’s all this?

*Kyle is in a duel with 400 life points left and only four face-down cards in his spell/trap zones. He also had a very large hand, 10 cards in total with the one he just drew. Oddly, his opponent was shadowed, though it was obvious that he was in control with full life points, Infinite Cards on the field and Tragoedia on the field (12000/12000)*

“I don’t know who you are or how you got in here, but I’m going to end this! And your defeat starts with this!” Kyle held up two monster cards, specifically two Pendulum Monster cards. “With the Scale one Stargazer Magician and the Scale eight Timegazer Magician, I set the Pendulum Scales!”

The two declared monsters appeared in columns of blue transparent light on either side of Kyle’s field. “With this, I can now summon multiple monsters with Levels two through seven! NOW SWING, PENDULUM OF SOULS! DRAW AN ARC OF LIGHT ACROSS THE ETHER! PENDULUM SUMMON! COME FORTH, MY MONSTERS!”

*A huge portal appeared in the air and five streaks of light shot out and landed in front of Kyle. They were revealed, in order; Junk Synchron, Elemental Hero Necroshade, Gagaga Magician, Dark Magician and Tasuke Knight.*

“Now, how about I do my next thing in reverse series order as I currently have it…Gagaga Magician, Tasuke Knight; by connecting these two Level 4 monsters together, I build the Overlay Network! XYZ SUMMON!”

*The punkish mage and the red sumo knight nodded to each other before forming into transforming into streaks of violet and yellow light respectively and vanishing into a galactic looking portal. The portal then exploded to reveal the summoned monster, a humanoid knight in white armor with two glowing swords in each hand.*

“Behold, Number 39: Utopia! And now for the next one! Level five, Elemental Hero Necroshade, Level three, Junk Synchron…Tune, NOW!”

*The two monsters again nodded to each other before leaping into the air, Junk Synchron pulling a cord to rev the engine on his back before he turned into light and dissolved into three rune circles. Necroshade entered the circles, fading to an outline with five glowing stars within.*

“The guardian winds rise to form the mightiest protector, SHELTER US ALL FROM THE RAGING STORM! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Rise now, Stardust Dragon!”

*The glowing stars and scanning rune circles burst into a huge streak of light from which a magnificent white Dragon emerges.*

“Now, after those two, this one’s going to seem rather mundane…Once, while Elemental Hero Necroshade is in my graveyard, I can normal summon a high level Elemental Hero without tribute.”

*He’d play the card, causing a portal into a strange other space to appear over his head.*

“The greatest hero from the other dimension of Gentle Darkness, appear now to lend me your aid! HEROIC SUMMON!”

*From out of the portal would descend a mostly white humanoid with a blue gemstone in his chest.*

“Behold, Elemental Hero Neos! But why stop here? There’s still one more friend of mine who wants to kick your butt! To bring him out, I activate a spell card, Rules of the Legendary!”

Plugging the card into his disk, it revealed itself as a normal spell card with an image of the four monsters he just summoned surrounding a fifth monster in shadows, though it looked like some kind of dragon.*

“Now, since I control at least two of the following monsters; Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Neos, Stardust Dragon, Number 39: Utopia and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, I can special summon any of the others in that list from my hand or extra deck, ignoring any summoning restrictions and treating it as its proper summon. Now stand before me, Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

*All four of the monsters present would point to the middle of Kyle’s field, a powerful portal would form there. From out of this portal would leap a muscular red dragon with a blue gem-like belly and three mismatched gems on a bony crescent structure on its back; one big red one on its left side and two smaller green ones on its right. These corresponded to the mismatched colors of its eyes.*

“Now, I have everything I need to TAKE YOU DOWN! I ACTIVATE ALL FOUR OF MY SET CARDS!”

*All four of them would flip up, each one depicting one of the four monsters other than Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon on the field and all of them looking like they were projecting energy in some way.”

“First, Dark Spiral Force! By preventing at least one Dark Magician from attacking, I can double the ATK of one monster I control. I choose Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon! Second, Neos Spiral Force! By preventing at least one Elemental Hero Neos I control from attacking, I can double the ATK of one monster I control. Again, I choose Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon! Third, Star Spiral Force! By preventing at least one Stardust Dragon from attacking, I can double the ATK of one monster I control. I choose Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon! And finally, Hope Spiral Force! By preventing at least one Number 39: Utopia from attacking, I can double the ATK of one monster I control. For the last time, I choose Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

*The red land dragon leaped high into the air with all of the other monsters following it.*

“Now, Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon! With those heterochromatic eyes of yours, LAY WASTE TO ALL THAT YOU SEE! ULTIMATE SPIRAL FORCE!*

*All five monsters would gather tremendous amounts of energy before releasing it on one point, turning it all into a maelstrom of destruction incarnate. The shadowed figure and its Tragoedia could only step back in horror at the incoming stream of pure death. Upon impact, the camera recording all of this would be blown away before shorting out in an explosion that was heard all throughout the Library Arcanium.*

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