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Soaked to the Skin!

December 26, 2011 Leave a comment

A very merry, but very wet Christmas to you all! Well, I suppose it was dry enough for most of you, but then you weren’t feeding Fish Finger!

I thought it would be a pity if she got left out of the celebrations, so John, Gareth and I got her a live Great White Shark for her Christmas dinner. Yes, I know, Sharks are all Boingy Cartilage, but the only other alternatives I could think of were other marine reptiles from her time period, like Icthysaurs, which we’re trying to wean her off, or modern marine mammals, and I doubt anyone would be able to stomach feeding her a Seal or a Dolphin, even if she would be able to digest them!

Anyway, we popped it into her tank, and it swam about a bit, but neither of them seemed particularly bothered about the other. Fish Finger herself just took a deep lung full of air and patrolled the bottom of the tank for a while. Just as we were about to leave however, boy did we get a shock! The Great White was on the surface, swanning around like the top of the food chain, when she erupted from the water with it pinned between her jaws. I swear I saw daylight under her tail as she came out of the water, but I was rather distracted by the tidal wave she set off as she came down!

I think there’s some footage on the security cameras of that somewhere, you might even be able to see the look of triumph on her face in vivid detail. Still, words to the unwary; Liopleurodon attack from below!


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I don’t like Clefairy much!

February 18, 2011 1 comment

Just a quick warning to everyone, if you see a group of thigh-high figures dressed in black around the library, don’t underestimate them! Clefairy Ninjas may look cute, but they are sugar-coated hyperactive… I don’t know what!

I managed to recover a bunch of the stuff they stole from us to repair their spaceship (No Elfin Lied Postcard though, sorry Aster.), and  they rather took exception to my interference. I was abundantly grateful that I had given Asuka Superpower for Christmas, and we barely got away with all our limbs intact even then! Although I freely admit I’m at a loss to explain how they got in to steal the stuff in the first place…

On a slightly more serious note, is it me, or is the society starting to crack under the strain? More and more people are spending less time in the library, and those that do stay don’t seem quite themselves. Heaven knows I’m as guilty of the former as anyone else, but something seems to have shifted recently…

I hope I’m just over-reacting, but the last thing we need now is a breakdown in communications…

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Lost Property – Breaking News!

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Okay… Asuka just had a sniff around to see if she could find my inducer, and the rest of the stuff that’s gone missing, and informed me she had picked up the unmistakeable scent of a Clefairy! We followed the trail into the advanced spaceflight room, and found several books gone from the shelves, but the trail kind of dead-ended there.

Fans of Season one of the Pokemon Anime will know what I’m talking about here, and I must admit I’m a bit surprised they still haven’t fixed that blasted Spaceship after ten years of scavenger hunting techno-theivery. Although what they think Leonard could help them with on that front frankly beats me… That is if it isn’t just Asuka playing a practical joke to try and cheer me up, but that isn’t usually her style.

I’ll follow this possibility up for a while, anyway.


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December 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m not fully sure how you work this thing… Until comparatively recently, I thought a blog was a frozen block of bolognaise sauce about the size/shape of a brick… and in my family it still is.

I don’t normally use things like this, but given my, shall we say “Changed Circumstances” as a result of Mesha and this mystery Stormherald guy… I (Or more accurately Asuka) thought it would be a good idea to get some of my thoughts in order, and that maybe this could help. I doubt it personally, but I’m willing to give it a try…

So… Where to start? Well, first of all, a big apology for everyone for scaring them like I did, but in my defence, I didn’t really have a lot of choice in the matter… Specific apologies to Drake; I shouldn’t have assumed you had thrown that grenade, just because your tunnel mouth was nearest to where it fell. Tash, Claire, Valerie; I hope I didn’t injure you too much in the fight. Tash in particular; I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to do what you did, even if I had been reasonably certain it wouldn’t be fatal. If I’ve missed anyone, let me know.

Most of the rest of what I have to say is far too gloomy when we’re this close to Christmas, so I’ll leave it there for the moment.


P.S. Has anyone seen the handheld Anomaly inducer I picked up in Primeval? Its about the size and shape of a VHS Cassette, half perspex and half plastic.

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